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The TOP Value Equation

2-day Intensive Course


How do you know if a project is delivering the value your organization wants? 

How do you identify and manage the benefits your project will deliver?


When you are good at:

  • Choosing the right projects
  • Executing projects effectively
  • Getting the full business value and benefits from your projects


you and your organization will be successful.  TOP helps you become professional in all three areas.


Originally conceived at the Boston Consultancy Group and later endorsed by both Gartner and the Harvard Business School, using the TOP Value Equation enables you to define and communicate about your project from an 'impact to business' perspective; identify, quantify and track all the benefits available for you to deliver; and find the change activities needed to deliver them. 


How the Course Benefits You and Your Organization

Learning the TOP approach enables you to effectively:

  • Define what your project will achieve in terms of value to the business - your business outcomes
  • Systematically identify all the benefits you will deliver
  • Manage and regularly report on the health of your project's value by monitoring the ‘key numbers’ – what we call Financial Value Modelling
  • Create high quality data for Business Cases and project proposals
  • Rigorously identify all the required change activities to deliver the business value, and at what cost
  • Understand how change management and benefits realization are seamlessly connected
  • Quickly evaluate the impact of proposed project changes


Course Content

The agenda for the two days is:

  • Introduction: Why traditional project thinking is a barrier to benefit realization
  • How to shift focus from ‘cost’ to ‘value’, and why that’s important
  • The TOP Value Equation: an overview of the methodology, tools, and processes
  • Desired Business Outcomes – defining what success looks like in business terms
  • Identifying Benefits using the TOP Benefits Funnel
  • How to track, report on, and manage financial benefits
  • Identifying all the needed Change Activities using the TOP Change Dependency Framework
  • Making your Business Case count
  • What’s Next


Participant Profile

The course is designed for all who want to work professionally in creating and delivering benefits and value:  internal roles such as Project and Programme Managers, Portfolio owners, Product Managers, Governance team members, and the office of the PMO; and external roles such as those developing customer solutions and implementations, and other business development opportunities.


How the Course Works

The course is a blend of theory, discussion, and hands-on practice.  A minimum of 50% of class hours is spent in breakout sessions where you directly apply the TOP processes to a prepared case study that is provided by the instructor.
In case of a tailored, in-house course at your premises, the case study may be one of your own or to be provided by the instructor according to your wishes.

Course hours are 8:30 – 17:00.  Expect to use 4 hours in preparation for the course, and two hours following day one. 

The course is given by an English speaking instructor who is also fluent in Danish.


Course Materials and Preparation

Participants receive the current edition of the TOP Value Equation theory handbook, and on request may receive soft copies of all templates used during the course, as well as 12 months free access to behind-the-wall on-line content to the TOP Value Equation Center of Expertise.


A 3rd day can be added to your course program for the purpose of preparing for and taking the TOP Certified Practitioner exam.  You are welcome to alert us to your interest for this in the comments field of the registration form. 

Contact us for information on scheduling courses and for discussion about tailored programs to fit with your needs.

Of note:

  • Business value driven Business Case preparation
  • Project Governance – how to optimize value driven project deliveries
  • Half day seminars and workshops for project organizations, Executive Teams, Steering Committee members and more
  • Facilitating workshops for specific projects
  • Rebate on volume

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