Getting started on value delivery

Value Delivery Management ?

It's easy - and we can show you the way

‘We've achieved more in two days than in the last two years’
Statement by a Senior Nordic Project Governance Board Member and Business Manager for a trans European financial services company to his colleagues after a  Desired Business Outcomes 2-day workshop in April 2020

Value Delivery Starter Package

You want to get started on Value Delivery Management on a single business initiative or project in order to find out how Value Delivery Management supports your business and how it fits in with existing methodologies and processes.

The Starter Package includes:

  • Initial context meeting
  • Desired Business Outcomes workshop
  • Desired Business Outcomes Roadmap Generation for optimizing project delivery
  • Business Benefits workshop, where benefits are identified and guidance on building value models is given, so you can track the benefits and the business value as easily as you track time and cost
  • Workshop facilitation and materials
  • Data collection and processing after each workshop
  • Final report
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations

The price of the Project Starter Package is DKK 62.000 (8.400/USD$9.500)

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